Ara North side

Beginning the reading from the left, among the characters parading is recognized Lucius Caesar, second son of Agrippa and Julia, also adopted by Augustus. Here he is depicted as the youngest of the children, led by the hand

The veiled female figure that follows could be that of the mother Jiulia, towards which converge the looks of those around . However, many believe that Jiulia should be recognized on the other side of the cortege, in place of Livia who would then replace her on this side

The matronal figure placed behind the Jiulia/Livia is generally recognized as Ottavia Minore, sister of Augustus. The figure of a young man which stands out between the two women in the foreground is recognized as the third son of Agrippa and his first wife, Marcella Maggiore. Behind Ottavia the little Jiulia Minore, who, as Augusto’s grand daughter, enjoys the right to appear first among the girls present at the ceremony, is clearly visible.

On the other hand, the identity of the figures behind the little Jiulia remains very uncertain.