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Special appointments to visit the museum from home and learn more about its history and heritage. These are virtual tours and video stories enriched by audio and image texts to tell the story of the museum and its masterpieces.



The virtual tour of the Museo dell'Ara Pacis, available from all devices, offers a journey to discover the beauty of the heritage through a digital experience that moves beyond the space limits of almost the whole museum space. Thanks to the appropriate controls, it is possible to move virtually around the museum, read the explanatory panels of the rooms and works, zoom and turn images 360°, look through photo galleries and videos and enjoy other contextual content. The "Don't miss" section, which contains a practical visual list of selected works or rooms, is a useful tool for those who are not familiar with the museum and are visiting it for the first time: by clicking on a work represented (for example, the "Fragments of the great frieze with spirals") the user is virtually transported to the room that houses it. The tour is also enriched by intelligent maps that follow the visitor as he or she moves from one room to another, indicating rooms or works not yet displayed. Lastly, thanks to the latest generation of drones, it is possible to take flight and see rooms and works from above, enjoying an additional, unprecedented perspective on the visit.

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Lucia Spagnuolo, curator of archaeology at the Ara Pacis Museum, illustrates, through five stories, one of the most important and best preserved monuments of early imperial Rome: the Ara Pacis Augustae.

First episode
The history of the place where the Altare della Pace was chosen to be built: the Campo Marzio.

Second episode
The history of the Ara Pacis is linked to Ottaviano Augusto: insights into his figure starting with a picture of him in the Ara Pacis Museum.

Third episode
Livia Drusilla, wife of Augusto, and her eldest son Tiberio, Augusto's successor.  Their portraits, two casts, are in the gallery of busts in the Ara Pacis Museum.

Fourth episode
Discover the Ara Pacis Augustae in more detail, looking in particular at the decoration of the lower part of the enclosure containing the altar.

Fifth episode
Tale of the main characters in the two relief panels visible on the back of the enclosure containing the altar: the Goddess Roma and Tellus.